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Filmy's News​

15 July 2014
Check Out Our Latest Ad in Amazing Figure Modeler #57!




31 June 2014
Filmy's Girls at Wonderfest!


We had a great time at the 30th Wonderfest in Lousiville, Kentucky!  This show saw the first sales of Stella and the World Premiere of our latest kit, Aurora.  Sales were brisk, and there was a line out into the main aisle when the doors opened for Early Bird Vendor sales at 8:00 am on Saturday morning.  The crowd around our booth really swelled, however, when Aurora made a personal appearance along with the real life Filmy's GIrls.  The girls posed for pictures, signed autographs, and passed out Backstage Passes and our all-new 7" full color die cut vinyl bumper stickers.

20 August 2013
Stella is almost ready!


We are pleased to announce that the sculpt for Stella is finished and is currently at the caster's!  Molding is complete and we should be pouring resin in just a few days!

19 August 2013
Stella Sketch



This is the original sketch that Simon did for Stella when we were first talking about the concept for our second Space Babe.  The original sketch featured an entire rocket ship, complete with interior, photoetched guages, LED lighting, and more, but the cost to produce the kit would have been very high.  Tthe price for the finished kit would have been prohibitive, so we scaled the wreckage back a bit.

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