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The kit that started it all . . .

Daphne's Surprise

Daphne's Surprise was released in early 2009.  This all-original design was sculpted by Mike Petryszak, based on a concept by Marc Havican.


Daphne has been an explorer since childhood.  While most of her schoolmates were playing with Barbies and tea sets, she and her two best friends – Stella and Christa – roamed the nearby woods in search of adventure, often returning home after dark with a rucksack full of bugs and critters.


After graduating from Chelsea Bonestell High School, Daphne, Stella, and Christa enrolled in Roddenberry University, where they each earned Ph.Ds in Applied Physics and Aerospace Engineering.   All three joined the Intergalactic Space Patrol and set off to explore the universe.


Daphne’s Surprise captures a scene from the girls’ first expedition to an alien world.  Daphne – ever the intrepid explorer – could not wait to clamber down from the three-finned rocket and set out on a new adventure.  Shortly after leaving her gleaming cylindrical chariot, she encounters her first alien life form, a tentacled critter named Orb.

​Daphne is a 1/6 scale unassembled model kit consisting of 12 pressure cast parts.  Currently out of production, the original price was $135.

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