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Charge! was based on original art licensed from British artist Aly Fell and sculpted by Troy McDevitt.  


The scene tells the story of a young woman getting ready for a night on the town with her beau.  She is recharging herself by plugging in two wires that are connected to her electrodes.


​The kit is 1/6 scale, and consists of more than two dozen parts.  The buildup you see here was done by Marc Havican, including a scratchbuilt base with shelving, test tubes, beakers, and organs in formaldehyde (not included in the kit).  The mirror is created from real glass, and Marc cast individual light bulbs from clear resin, then wired and lighted the entire kit using LED lights.


Completed in the Spring of 2010, Charge! was not released for nearly two years, and is currently out of production.  This Limited Edition kit is exrtremely rare - only twenty-three kits were ever sold.

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