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Welcome to Filmy's Girls!

Filmy's Girls resin model kits are created and produced by a team of talented artisans led by veteran modeler Marc Havican.  


At the heart of each Filmy’s Girls kit is a female heroine, posed in a tasteful way that is sexy, yet not offensive.  Each of our designs calls to mind the classic pinup style of Gil Elvgren, incorporationg a setting that tells a story in a humorous way.  We want our kits to bring a smile to your face, and to the faces of everyone who sees your finished buildup.


Each Filmy's Girl kit begins with a concept and an initial sketch.  We then work closely with artists like Simon Eckert, who created the original art for Pebbles, Stella, and Aurora, or we license existing original art from artists who reflect our creative sensabilities, like the brilliant (and talented!) UK artist Aly Fell, who created Charge!


Our designs are then brought to life in three dimensions by some of the most talented sculptors in the business, like Mike Petryszak (Daphne's Surprise), Troy McDevitt (Charge!, Pebbles, and Stella), and Sean Burford (Aurora).


​We hope you enjoy your visit to  Stay tuned as we release new kits and add tutorials, gallery photos, and high definition video content.

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